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Throughout the twelve Kevin Kerney novels, I continued bit by bit in each successive book, to probe my protagonist’s backstory, much like an investigator trying to unravel a long forgotten, age-old family mystery. Each new revelation made me want to dig more deeply into Kerney’s personal and family life, to the point that in 2009 I finally decided to step away from the crime novels and write a stand-alone prequel about his earlier years. But not all things proceed as planned. Fueled by my love of the staggeringly beautiful landscapes of New Mexico, my fascination with the colorful history of the region, and a rich cast of memorable characters who over the years have left an indelible imprint on the land, the prequel soon morphed into an historical trilogy of the American West that spans four generations of the Kerney family. A family saga that chart the lives and times of strong men and courageous women battling to survive and persevere in a raw, unforgiving land, The American West Trilogy, brings into focus a hundred years of riveting social change, war, manmade and natural disasters, the dawn of the nuclear age, and the social upheaval during the Vietnam War, all through eyes of one family. The adventure that began with Hard Country and continued on in Backlands, now ends with The Last Ranch. As you begin or resume your journey with the Kerney family, I hope it is one you will not soon forget. To be released 17 May 2016
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